Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The secret life of beauty

The banner for my blog features a couple of photos that I took this summer when my hydrangeas were blooming in all their glory.  The blue of this particular kind is akin to periwinkle, and quite vibrant.  On the weekend of the 4th of July I cut a few stems and brought them in to brighten my kitchen.  As I was arranging them in the vase, suddenly out crawled a ladybug from the middle of one of the blossoms, and soon after another followed.  The brilliant red of those dear little creatures against the vibrant blue of the blossom just took my breath away, and it was, I must say, one of the most delightful, serendipitous moments of my life.  In that moment was a glimpse of glory -- once hidden and suddenly revealed.  If I had not taken the time to bring those blossoms into my home I never would have seen that secret beauty, hiding in the middle of all that blue.
So here I make my first entry into this space where I want to record more of the beauty I discover each day, the glory of the common place.

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